After 2 Gigabytes Passed

Today I will report something that some of us, inexpensive unlimited internet freaks, has been wondering. What if the 2GB quota of Eco package from Indosat 3.5G unlimited has passed. What’s the speed? Well, here is the answer.

This weekend, I have a very joyful time with my son. We watch plenty episodes of Saint Seiya from Youtube at extreme speed (for us), more than 1 mbps. Of course we save some of them to our harddrive. We also watch the very first episode of Transformer, the TV serials. At least now I know how they got to the earth in the first place. Well, to finish the quota faster, I also watched something inapropriate myself late at nights. 😛

Last night I still watch youtube at full speed. Very comfortable. But when I tried to connect to the Internet today at around 11, the modem refused to connect with 3G/3.5G Only setting. When I turned down the setting a little to 3G (including 3.5G) First, voila, success. If I use the lowest setting, 2G only, it connects perfectly. But I never again successful if I forced to connect at 3.5G. When I checked at the reports, I found out that I might have reached 2GB quota. So, it’s time for another speedtest benchmarking.

Since the connection is so poor compared to the previous, I only test them with Jakarta servers only. Damn, I don’t have much time to wait for the result 😛

So, here is the result. Not so great, but what can you expect from a inexpensive unlimited internet. At least, it’s stable. I hope. Just for curiosity, I install the Indosat Accelerator Client. Well, looks like Onspeed or Nitro, and I guess the function is the same. I set them at High optimization setting, and here is the result. You’re happy now? I’m not too pleased, but it’s good enough for me.

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8 Balasan ke After 2 Gigabytes Passed

  1. oyi kresnamurti berkata:

    good review bung pirman, a nice write up.
    every rose has its thorn.. every connection has its low speed, hahahaha..

    thanks for reviewing, it answers my question.

  2. pep berkata:

    gw mah nulis disini dipaksa ma momodnya 😀 lagian bandwidth mentok di 31 kb kekekeek,kacian amat ya.mending flash gw donk perasaan gak pernah kena kuota deh.hehehe,tp emang jrg dipake donlot2 sih 😀

  3. sap berkata: dunk…. 😛 udah 7gb tetep ngaciiir… ;))

  4. legend102 berkata:

    what the………


    hey that’s way below 64 man……!!!!

    now i dont really appreciate cheap unlimited connection, (yeah, i will not say inexpensive) coz they dont really keep the “theoritical” promise. reminds me of the d**n old telkomnyet

    based on this case, i think neither plesh or isat is better, they’re the same. ckckckckc……..

  5. emmet24son berkata:

    So sorry guys. I don’t know what went wrong, but that’s what I got all day at work yesterday. When I tried to connect at home just now, here is the result.

  6. emmet24son berkata:

    Confirmed. Tadi dah cek ke websitenya Indosat. Setelah liwat 2GB, dapetnya seginih.

  7. aldo berkata:

    wadow, jadi lemot amir yax! jadi mikir2 lagi nih…

  8. Damar berkata:

    busyet…lambat amat..

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