Finally, My Unlimited Connection, Connected!

I can’t wait to get to the office today. Why? I left my GSM card there. And, since today is exact four days after I sign up the subscription, I really want to test the connection rightaway. Guess what!

When I connect the modem, it said that it’s no device installed. What’s wrong? The last time I used this USB modem, it was fine. Then I ask my Darma who has the exact same modem at home to plug my modem on his notebook. Since the driver and software is already there, it was connected just like that. More good news is that the software said that HSDPA network is detected.

So I download the latest software and driver from the vender’s website. Install it, plug my modem, voila. It runs smoothly. I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe the old driver and software have problem with Windows XP SP3. Just maybe, I don’t want to find out more about it. What for? My modem’s working!

The software detects the APN, user and password automatically. When I checked them manually, it was the same settings that Indosat suggests on their manual that comes with the GSM card. After I dial and connect, the software detects HSDPA network at full signal. Maybe because I connect them from the central business area in Jakarta and from a 31st floor office. Anyway, first thing to do is go to and measure the speed. Here is what I got for the Jakarta server and New York server. I can’t believe my eyes. Is real?

Next, I try to download from rapidshare, where else. Luckily, I still have a link from MAS on my Outlook Express. You know what that’s about. I have no intention to open it though, just test the download speed πŸ˜›

Even greater news. A 14,5MB file was downloaded at the speed of 34 something kBps. Big “B” not small “b”. That’s faster than 256kbps that they promised me. Look here. Next is, downloading email with my official email account. My oh my, the download speed was over 512kbps. Check here. Can’t wait to go home and test the speed from my lovely Meruya Utara.

Got home, turn on my notebook, plug in the modem, and connect. I got also HSDPA network at full signal. I love it. Go to speedtest, here is the result from Jakarta server and New York server. WOW! Next stop is Youtube. I want to watch Saint Seiya. After browse around, I play one of them. And here it is. Look at the DU Meter’s box. Amazing isn’t it. For a Rp. 100.000,- up to 256kbps unlimited internet connection, this is not bad. NOT BAD at all. When uploading those images to imageshack, I got up to 170-180kbps upload speed. No screenshot though, too much upload, quota only 2GB πŸ˜›

But now I’m scared. Is all of that because the service is pretty new, not too many people have joined the program or the system is still leaking here and there, or is it just like the same problem with Telkomsel? You know, Telkomsel allows you to use the internet connection even when your unlimited internet package is still not active yet. At the pre active time, if you use the internet connection you will get an extreme speed but you have to pay per KB basis. Or you dialed with the wrong APN or user-password combination, something like that. And it will cost you A LOT. If this is the same problem (which I have make sure that I use this after four days like the customer service guy told me, and I have double checked the APN and user-password settings), it means that Indosat is cheating. If not, they are very generous. Let’s see what happen next month when I have to pay this service for the first time. I really hope that Indosat is not “cheating” like the competitor.

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3 Balasan ke Finally, My Unlimited Connection, Connected!

  1. pep berkata:

    bujub deh donlotnya, cuma gw lbh salut ma uplinknya tuh 269kb,wel wellll***. jadi tergiur selingkuh ke indosat nih πŸ˜€ tp gak dlu,nunggu reportnya 3 bln di depan.kita liat kemampuan kapasitas indosat setelah diserbu imigran dari tselFlash ;))..

    ***ditunggu lagi reportnya klo udah nembus 2GB πŸ˜€

  2. aldo berkata:

    koneksi stabil pak?
    modem mahal tapi yah 😦
    btw yang ini koq ga di post d oprek? πŸ˜€

  3. emmet24son berkata:

    Kemaren gak sempet, keliwat.. sekarang dah nanggung ah. Dah terlanjur dibahas πŸ˜›

    @pep: beres bos!

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