Happy 5th Anniversary

Today, exactly five years ago I started my life as my girlfriend’s husband and you started your life as a wife for me. Back then, we have no Idea what to do. Of course we have wishes in our minds that we have to be like this and that, have to do this and that, have to have this and that. But, life is not as smooth as all of us wants.

The first couple of months is joyful, remember? We are very happy couple. But not long after that, things begin to happen. We started to face the challanges of life. Difficult adaptation with parents and family, economy, ego’s and emotions, and a lot of other stuff. Fights and cries is our daily routine. About three months after our wedding day, God almighty gaves us his blessing. You’re pregnant. Actually, I’m pretty surprised and a little bit confused. Maybe not a little, but A LOT. Happy? Not really. Why? I have no idea how to be a father. Moreover a good father. I have no example since my father is never around when I grow up. He’s too busy with his new family.

July 23, 2004, our son was born. About two weeks early and caesar has to be done. Actually we can pick any day we want but in a week time, our doctor is going abroad. We don’t want other doctor to have the operation so I pick that day. The day after I finished my tabloid PCplus dateline at the office. The operation runs well. You and our son is OK. For a first timer as a patient in hospital, you are excellent.

Being a head of the family is a big responsible for me. The biggest challange is that I have to win some breads. Our economy has not in stable condition yet and we have to face life. Thank god, we managed to survive, day by day, barely. Now our son is four years old, and has gone to school. Thanks to you our economy is getting better since your business has started to grow. But still, life is still as tough as it was.

As you know, the first five years is never easy. We have been beaten down and got bruises all over, but we’re still very much alive and kicking. Thank you my dear, for your pertinacity as being my wife. Please stand with me for the next five, fiveteen, or fifty years. Sixty years? I don’t know. At that time, I’m might already too old to live.

Anyway, happy anniversary my love. I can’t give you any present for our anniversary, but I hope this post will last forever on the internet.

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4 Balasan ke Happy 5th Anniversary

  1. Sukarja berkata:

    Sukses dan bahagia selalu,…

  2. alphons m berkata:

    God bless both of you, and your lovely son too. Hope love always stay in your family forever.

  3. alphons m berkata:

    God bless both of you, and your lovely son too. Hope love always stay in your family forever.

  4. alphons m berkata:

    God bless both of you, and your lovely son too. Hope love always stay in your family forever.

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