First Day of Things

Today is September first of 2008. Other than this is the first day of the month, some other first things happen today. What are they?

Well, as all of us know that this is the first day of the holly Ramadhan month. The first day of every moslem’s battle againts appetite, lust, anger, and plenty of other bad things that can disturb their fast.

Other than that, today is also the first day of work for a lot of new staff in my office. Now we have more than a hundred personnel to run our upcoming media. And my first impression this morning was “My God, not again..”

Why? Today I woke up late. At 9 o’clock in the morning. Get to the shower lazy and got to the office. I arrived at 10 something. And the full pack of people at the office is the surprise of the day. It’s not that surprising though, I know that our reporters and others will join us at September 1st, but still, I’m pretty shocked. Overcrowded room number two. Where’s number one? That was at warehouse 14, somewhere around south red palm, Jakarta 😛

I can never concentrate working inside a bunch of people. So noisy, so disctractful. FYI, I can’t think or concentrate 100% if there’s a living creature (eg. humans, animals, ghost or that kind of thing) near me, and visible. So, let see what will this situation effects my work rate. But at least there’s a good thing. My channel is now in full formation. Three is better than two, right?

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