A Tribute to a Friend’s Father

My friends father has passed away yesterday evening. I was pretty shocked, because I haven’t heard that he was in any serious illness. The last time I saw him he was healthy as usual. It was more than six months ago, though. But they said that his health is decreasing fast because of some cancer in his stomach. So we (me and my wife) went straight to their house that night, at about 10pm. At least, I want to have the chance to see him for the last time.

Among the fathers of my friends, he is the best. I know him since the first year of high school and I think I respect him more then I respect my father. He is a very responsible father to his family and children. I feel comfortable if I play to his house eventhough their house is extremely modest. There’s a sense of warmth in there. He also welcomes me very well and makes my visit to their house is always fun. Too bad that I rarely go there since in college, moreover when I have finished my study.

Now I can see clearer the importance of insurance that my wife is selling. Not that I didn’t know that, but if only my wife joins the insurance company a year or two earlier, at least, maybe she can help my friend’s family when this time arrives. No one knows what will happen to us, right?

Well, good by Sir, may God give you the best place in His side.

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