Finally, Best Priced Food Stall Discovered!

From now I will try something different. Of course there’s a purpose for this one. Not really necessary maybe. But so what, this is my blog and it’s up to me what to write. Right?

Anyway guys, I’m so happy today. Why? Today I finally found a food stall that sell food at a verrrrry interesting price. I ate a full portion of rice with jackfruit vegetable, orek, sea shell plus hot tea as the beverage and it costs me only Rp. 4000. Well, I still can’t find a place where I can eat lunch for Rp. 3000 like I used to have in Palmerah office, but for this circumstances, that’s maximum. No wonder the food stall is way overcrowded. People are lining up waiting to get a free seat to eat there. Hmm…


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7 Balasan ke Finally, Best Priced Food Stall Discovered!

  1. raa berkata:

    sipirman wrote, “Today I will try something different. Of course there’s a purpose for this one.”

    and the purpose refers to google adsense… am i right or wrong? or nearly close? :p

  2. Si Pirman berkata:

    100 buat regu A πŸ˜›

  3. ROB berkata:

    for me……Bu Ndut still had best price for best taste

  4. lancer_evolution berkata:

    ini knapa jadi bahasa linggis semua 😯

  5. Si Pirman berkata:

    @rob: yes, it is. Rp. 3000 for a full stomach is an unbeatable price πŸ˜€

    @lancer: lagi usaha bang, kalik dapet acc gugel buat pasang iklan πŸ˜›

  6. l102 berkata:

    what the….
    kaga pernah tau ad makan 3k d kantor

    need guidance

  7. emmet24son berkata:

    kekekekekk… i don’t know whether that kind of price still possible after the last price hike, but 5K is definitely still is. 4K maybe.

    my suggestion is, hand the money to the office boy and let them buy anything available at that price. just tell them, buy rice with anything. they will think of something and might surprise you. after that, bon apetite πŸ˜€

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